Renewal Instructions

Renewing your GOLD’N Membership is very simple!

In order to renew, you will need the Username and Password that you used when you initially set up your GOLD’N Account.  If you registered by mail, or one of our team members registered for you, you should have received a Username and Password from us.  (The username might be in the format: YY-1234.)

If you have your Username and Password, click this button to login.

If you have forgotten your Username or Password, you can use the following link to retrieve and reset it.  You will need the Email Address you used when originally joining GOLD’N.

Once logged in, click the Membership Account link in the right sidebar GOLD’N Membership Menu.


Then, click the Renew Membership button under My Memberships.



Lastly, update your Application information as needed, use the Credit Card information to submit payment, and you’re all set!