Membership Terms

GOLD’N Terms of Membership

The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network is dedicated to protecting its members from unwarranted legal action taken against them for legally carrying or using their firearms. By signing this application you are accepting the conditions of membership required by the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network.

The Gun Owners Legal Defense Network is not liable for the cost of any bail set by the court on the accused member, or for any fines levied against the member by the court. GOLD’N is responsible only for the defense of the member against criminal and civil charges.

In order to be eligible for legal representation for a gun related incident, the member must be following all local, state, and federal laws.

The member must be in compliance with any and all concealed carry permit rules set forth in their jurisdiction.

The incident cannot have taken place in a location where firearms are prohibited, such as restricted government buildings, schools, etc., or any private business that has a properly posted sign prohibiting firearms on the premises.

The incident must involve a self defense action by the member in order to preserve the life or prevent serious harm to themselves, family members, or others.

If a member is arrested for a gun related incident, the Gun Owners Legal Defense Network will assign an attorney to immediately investigate the incident and talk with the member. If the incident is deemed to be within the law, the member will be assigned an attorney for their defense. Even if the incident contains elements that appear to be outside the law, the case will still be reviewed by the GOLD’N Review Board for consideration.